HP ILO Firmware Updating

Had an old 380G7 with firmware 1.20 that needed updating but due to some ssl/tsl being disabled on my workstation I could no longer connect via the windows ILO client OR via web-browser. The updated firmware will fix the ssl but I had the dilemma of even being able to connect.

I had enabled ssh access already so was able to get to a console from remote. Putty to the rescue again.

cd /map1/firmware1

show version

ok. it’s at 1.20.  hmm. I knew I had to first update to 1.28 and then the current 1.88.

load -source http://webserver-ip/ilo3_128.bin

For whatever reason, I couldn’t get to the webserver and retrieve the firmware file. It could be vlan or subnet issues or something else outside my control, in any case i wasn’t sure. Well, there’s more than one way to attack the issue. I had another machine with the ssl/tls still enabled so I tried that. ARGH.  ILO is still running unlicensed. I can’t stay connected long enough (using the client) to do anthing. OK, fix that first — back to the console.

set /map1 license=1234500000678910000000001

show /map1 license

btw, that license number in my example is directly from the HPe ILO 3 Scripting and cmdline document so be sure to use your own license as that one is mostly likely default or bogus.

Back to windows and checked the ilo client..it’s now working…excellent.  Web interface…still a no-go.  Enough is enough.. I had the client access now so mounted the Proliant support pak through the client, booted to it, and had it update all my firmware.  Good deal – It even took ILO directly to v1.88.

Web client is working and everything. I’m back in business.  Loaded XenServer and I’m off and running. 🙂

That was a nice break but now I have to get back to work on ESXi 6.5 cluster issues.