About Me

I’ve been an IT Tech & Sysadmin for the past number of years but have held assorted jobs.  Among those odd jobs I’ve had positions installing the towers for cellphone dishes (often up in the mountains) in Nevada-Oregon-Washington and performing sewer line rehab in Montana-Nevada-Oregon-Wyoming.  Yes, a bit of manual labor but it was enjoyable being able to travel and stay at a bunch of other cities/towns for a few weeks at a time.

Some of my employers have included:

  • Hewlett Packard (in Corvallis OR), Contracted
  • Springfield School District
  • Lane Community College
  • U.S. Dept of Commerce, Census Bureau
  • Lane County
  • Interact (ACT! Contact Management software)
  • Symantec

My interests (outside of the IT world):

  • Family (currently down to 1 kiddo + my wife)
  • Scuba Diving (Orig NAUI in ’84, PADI adv a few years after)
  • Sky Diving
  • Flying (Private pilot since mid-late 90’s)
  • Bike riding (both Mountain and Road)
  • Hiking/Camping/Waterfalls & Swimming Holes

I used to do a lot of other activities as well but everyone has priorities.  I’ve also enjoyed snow skiing (High School Ski Team), snow boarding, ice hockey, water skiing, rafting, and rock climbing.



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