Tech Tools

In most instances, I prefer using freeware or opensource software and try to post those most often. Sometimes a commercial product is necessary in which case I may or may not list it. If I do list a commercial/shareware title, then I’ll try to list a favorite freeware title as well.


Without a doubt, DiskWarrior is an irreplacable tool for disk repair concerning volumes, file permissions, etc.  It does not do file recovery or physical disk testing.

For data recovery, check out Data Rescue II.  It is capable of doing a pretty thorough drive scan and recovery items even the drive has been reformatted or re-partitioned so long as a zero-out erase hasn’t been done.

..and a smattering of utils:


  • Fineprint: Print driver that acts as a front-end.  Allows multi-page printing to a single page, double sided printing, watermarks, preview, booklet printing, etc. – Also check out PDF Factory (both are shareware) –
  • iPrint: (a freeware application similar to FinePrint) –
  • PDF Creator: Create PDF’s via printing –
  • WinHTTrack: Website copier – view webpages offline. –
  • PhraseExpress: Boilerplates, autocorrection, etc. –
  • When I’m not using photoshop or Photoshop Elements or when I need something at work, I’ll often use this.  It’s quite a step up from MS Paint and is based on the dot net framework.  Microsoft also has their free ‘Live’ tools which includes a movie creator and other lower-end but useful items.  Also see my Photo Editing and Sharing preferences listed below.
  • Greenshot: Screen capture.


Other Favorite Apps/tools:

I used to use Firefox and Thunderbird almost religiously.  Over the past year or two I’ve ended up retaining multiple browsers.

Pale Moon is a 64bit version of Firefox (stripped the 32bit code), Google’s Chrome is my everyday browser now since it allows for multiple user profiles and syncing of bookmarks, etc.

Some of my standard plugins/apps/extensions  for the various browsers:



Thunderbird- (no longer used)


These are multiple protocol based and have direct support or plugin capabilty  for Google Talk, AIM & Facebook.

Photo Editing/Sharing:

  • Picasa – Good organizer.  Also allows you to upload to Picasa Web Albums (a part of Google)
  • Flickr – Great photo sharing site allows for public, private and semi-private photo storage.  There are many social sites such as Facebook that have plugins to show and link photos from your Flickr site
  • – Online editing and organizer
  • – Online Editing.  lots of ‘fun’ options.



Last Edit: Jun 2008

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