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Win10 1703 (Creators Update) released early

Released on the 4th, it is available through the Win10 update app but most folks will want to grab the ISO.  You can do that via the media creation tool ( The ISO’s are also available via MSDN

What’s in it for the Enterprise?  Continue reading Win10 1703 (Creators Update) released early


Simple email notification when server reboots

Often overlooked is the ability to schedule a task to run at system start.  Utilizing that, you can use any number of ways to craft and send an email upon system reboot.

You can Google for a list of free smtp command line mailers to send the email or just use Blat which I’ve used for a while and works just fine.

Here’s a sample blat cmdline which can be added to a batch script or used directly in the task scheduler.

c:\utils\blat.exe -to -f -server -subject "Server Reboot" -body "%computername% has been rebooted."

If you want to use a mailer that’s a little more robust & includes CC,BCC, and support for SSL/TLS (can be used with gmail) and other little things, check out Send-It-Quiet (src/bin avail via Github). And a 3rd option that also supports TLS is sendEmail.

The key is to simply use task scheduler…there are quite a few delivery methods and scripts including using Powershell like this person has.