I got my first smartphone in late 2011 and have enjoyed every minute of it.  After using a friends iPhone and seeing what else was out there I opted for something Android based.  I didn’t want the latest and greatest but something that could be rooted and still had 3rd party Roms and Kernels being developed for it.  I opted for the HTC Evo 4G.

Current Phone(s)-

Samsung Galaxy S4: My current phone.  It’s been a great phone but it’s definitely time for a new phone.

LG G3: Nice size & mostly rootable.

Moto X Pure: Finally got the wife onto a non-bloatware phone. 🙂 She refused to let me put a custom rom on her earlier phones so this is the best option.

Prior Phones-

HTC EVO 4G: My first smartphone, rooted and running MikG3.11 ROM ( and the Lionfish kernel (based on Freedom kernel) which enables HDMI Mirroring.

LG Vivid (or some such) rooted and ran a custom rom, Samsung Galaxy S3 stock.

 Favorite Apps-

Market/Market Apps:


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