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Green Peak Falls (near Alsea Falls)

From the Eugene area, head up Hwy99w.  About 1/2 mi north of Monroe turn left (West) and follow the signage for Alsea Falls Campground (about 14mi). Just after the campground, you can park in the Day use area.  This makes it a nice ~3.5mi round trip  hike. Alternatively, you can continue on to Hubert K. McBee Memorial Park.  The falls is only a mile hike (r/t) via this avenue.

Although the path can be a little narrow at times due to a little overgrowth, this is was nice family trek (including grandkids).

Super Kid Friendly section
Super Kid Friendly section
Trail improvement
Trail improvement

The trail starts at the North side of the Alsea Falls day use area ($3/fee). Cross over the footbridge to the north side of the river and turn left (it’s signed once over the bridge). After a short walk, there is a wooden staircase that heads down to Alsea Falls which you can see partly from the path you’re on.

Bypass that for now and continue heading downstream through an old growth forest of douglas fir and western red cedar.


Keep the creek on your left at any junctions. Pretty soon the trail empties onto an old gravel logging road. When the road forks, stay right and follow it as it slowly rises (going to the left is a dead-end/turnaround but has a nice stand-at table cut from an old log that’s about 40′ long and 2′ wid). As you descend, you’ll pass the entrance to McBee Park / campsite#4 which goes over a concrete bridge. Bypass the bridge/campsite.  Pretty soon you’ll come across another campsite on the right (just before passing over an OLD concrete bridge that’s only 20′ long).  At the far end of that campsite you’ll see a small hiking sign which is the continuation of the hiking trail to Green Peak Falls.

The continuation of the trail from the campsite
The continuation of the trail from the campsite

Once you’re on the trail again, stay to the left and you’ll notice the creek has reversed directions from the first part of the hike (you’re now seeing Peak Creek). Watch out for hard, loose dirt as parts of the trail get a little slippery at times.

Once at Green Peak Falls, you’ll notice a steep scramble on the right that leads to the top of the falls. The creek at the top during August is shallow and slow moving.

The rocks leading to the base of the main falls are very slippery.. Be sure to watch out for Salamanders too.  The lower part of the falls (only bout a 6′ cascading drop) are nice to relax and sit in.

There was only a small portion of the width of the upper falls on our trip but during higher water months, the falls cascade over almost the entire rock area and there’s a lot less chance to actually be in the falls.



Oneonta Falls

[More details to come. Included for now are some quick pics of the trip and links..]

Trip Date: Jul 27, 2014

Oneonta Falls/George. is located just East of the popular Multnomah Falls.  It’s a short 1/4 mile hike/walk and is best accomplished in late summer when the water is shallower.  Even then, we had to swim for 20′.  It is a creek hike and you must scramble over a big unstable log jam near the entrance.

  Jul 27, 2014 1_23_44 PM    

There are two other falls close by that are trail accessible. Pics below are from Triple Falls.  From the roadside @ Oneonta Falls, walk West (along the road) a few hundred yards and there will be signage. The start of the trail heads west and up.

  Jul 27, 2014 3_23_23 PM 

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Additional Info: Portland Hikers Field Guide, TripAdvisor

Driving Directions from Eugene, OR- http://goo.gl/DEdgHZ