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V2V: Ghost (gho) to vmdk

Yes an ages old util, but ghost32 (norton/symantec) still has its worth. Here’s how to use it for converting to virtual machines.

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2009-2010 SMS Image

SMS 2009-2010 Image

Build Date: 30 Jun 2009
Created by Eric Gustafson

Imaged using Build43. Updated to 10.5.7 and all sw updates through build date. (Including Safari 4)

Local Accounts:  3 standard accounts via build 43.

Software Added (all apps current as of image build date):

  • Adobe Reader 9
  • Google Earth 5
  • Google Sketchup 7
  • Read Naturally (Connects to District server)
  • Reading Counts
  • Comic Life 1.5 (SMS Licensed)
  • Cabri II+ 1.4.2 (SMS Site License)
  • Cabri 3d 1.2.1 (SMS Site License)
  • Star Review Form.pdf (in Applications folder)
  • Perian 1.13 (see Preference Panel)