V2V: Ghost (gho) to vmdk

Yes an ages old util, but ghost32 (norton/symantec) still has its worth. Here’s how to use it for converting to virtual machines.

Virtual to Virtual (V2V):
ghost32.exe -clone,mode=restore,src=image.gho,dst=newimage.vmdk -batch -sure

Standard image splitting is still available:
ghost32.exe -clone,mode=create,src=image.vmdk,dst=newimage.gho -batch -sure -split=4096

ghost32.exe –clone,mode=create,src=1,dst=newimage.vmdk -vmdk -sure

To restore VMDK image:
ghost32.exe –clone,mode=restore,src=image.vmdk,dst=1 -vmdk -sure

Additional switches:
vmdktype: Sparse or Flat
vmdksplit: Splitting the VMDK image
vmdksize: Specifying the size of vmdk file
vmdkAdapter: Specify the type of disk adapter for created vmdk