Moving from IDE to AHCI

[Situation]: Win7Pro-x64 already installed and running for a few years on an Athlon X2 4400.  I got a new motherboard and i5-2500k, put old hd in new machine and booted. Everything popped up just fine and running great. oops..almost… My old system was running IDE and new mobo was set for IDE as well so I didn’t noticed it right off the bat.

Why do I want to change?  ACHSI supports NCQ (Native Command Queuing) which should spped my system up a tad bit more! 🙂

So.. How do I switch to ahci w/o having to re-install Win7. Flipping it on in BIOS leaves me unbootable.

[Solution]: GIYF. UnNecessary drivers are disabled by default after a Win installation. We just need to turn the ahci detection on via the registry.

Save to *.reg file and import. 🙂

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



fyi: pciide Start was originally set to 00000003 but if you should have problems simply change the BIOS back to IDE mode.

Blue Skies!