SS Statendam (IV)

About 1975/76,  I went on my first ‘tourist cruise’.  I was about 8yrs old.  I don’t recall how many ping-pong balls my cousins and I lost to the sea…

The Statendam/Rhapsody/Regent Star – Specifications:
Length: 642 feet (196.2 m)
Beam: 81 feet (24.7 m)
Tonnage: 24,294 gross tons
Engines: Parsons geared turbines, turning two propellers.
Service speed: 19 knots
Passengers: 84 1st Class & 867 Tourist Class

In September of 1971, the Statendam was taken out of service and sent to her builders for a major refit, during which she was converted into a one-class cruise liner with more accommodation. The enclosed promenade areas disappeared, giving room to new and enlarged lounges and casinos. Her passenger capacity was altered to 740 people, and she was given a lido deck aft. In February of 1972, after five months of work and $7,000,000 spent, she emerged as the first ship in the fleet to sport the new company colours. The grey hull had been repainted in midnight blue, and the funnel colour had been changed to a bright orange.

Statendam (4)
(HAL: 1956-82)
The Statendam (4) was built in 1957. She was bought by the Paquet group in 1982 and renamed Rhapsody, but sold again to the Lelakis group in 1986, and named Regent Star in the Regency fleet. Her steam turbines were replaced by diesels in 1987. She has been inactive since the Regency Cruises bankruptcy.

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photos from various sources (google search).  I’ll try to dig up some of my family photos.

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