DeployStudio Setup


As designed, the setup of DeployStudio in my environment goes through the following stages:

  • Netboot (firewire or hardwired)
  • Image
  • Rename & set bind info
  • Reboot
  • Login as admin
  • Connect to wireless via 802.1x (if not hardwired)
  • Execute bind script (automatically done)



OS: 10.5.7

  • Updating OS on server or clients MAY break binding capabilities due to Apple’s flakiness with patching the AD binding stuff.
  • Server is bound to Active Directory.
  • Deploystudio RC12 and AD/OD binding tested under 10.5.7 only.

In the following scripts, edit:

From: /usr/sbin/ipconfig waitall to: ping -i 10 -o (ip address of domain controller or similar.)

In the netboot image (/Volumes/RAID/Library/NetBoot/NetBootSP0/DSRuntime-v1.nb/DeployStudioRuntime.sparseimage) —





In those same scripts, there are a few more changes relating to workstation naming:

At least one of the scripts accesses the web based workstation name database to retrieve the assigned workstation name (and suffix) according to Helpdesk.

District specific scripts — For firewire drive images. Hardcoded asr command. Filename is specified on the Parameter line of the workflow. — Computername query from sps websserver.

SetHostNames — via Bombich. Works in conjunction with


The completed scripts, netboot image, etc are stored in: //file1/techsrv/sms/

The server is set to run a sparseimage backup of itself on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month at 21:30hrs.  The backup image is in it’s own attached raid drives.  – /Volumes/Raid/backup/

Image Repository


This is shared as //server/Images/


The server is supposedly managed through System Preferences, but we’ve had issues with this. If the repository is not accessible, try these commands:

sudo “/Applications/Utilities/DeployStudio” -stop

sudo “/Applications/Utilities/DeployStudio” -start

You can also try unloading and reloading the server via launchd:

sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.deploystudio.server.plist
sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.deploystudio.server.plist

Additional Info

Followup: I’ll probably have an upcoming post on imaging..