As designed, the setup of Deploystudio in my environment goes through the following stages:

Netboot (firewire or hardwired) -> Image -> Rename & set bind info -> Reboot -> login as admin -> connect to wireless via 802.1x -> execute bind script (automatically done.. see info on getting the script to wait until a network connection has been established)

Notes (via KirkG) from current install setup..

To review, we were having an issue with the ds_binding scripts on reboot as we had a self-assigned IP, and that allows the line

/usr/sbin/ipconfig waitall

in the various binding scripts to succeed and continue with the binding process – which we didn’t want as the network wasn’t really reachable.

So, instead we replaced that line with this:

ping -i 10 -o IPAddrofDomainController

which says, ping IPAddrofDomainController every 10 seconds until you get a success, then stop. We could not use a FQDN as that errors out right away. We replaced this line in these scripts in our NetBoot image:




We did some tests today watching the console on the rebooted machines and as soon as we brought up a real network, our binding scripts launched and did their magic.

Imaging from a Firewire Drive-

copied DeployStudio Admin from server (utilities folder) to the firewire drive

booted from fw drive for additional setup.  Ran DS Admin/DS Runtime and connected to

Workflows from the server appeared.  A few hacks to access an image on the fw drive are out there but none have worked for me so far (editing the workflows plist, creating a symbolic link on top of the HFS folder which will point to your firewire drive).

from the forums. re: setup as 100% firewire.

If you dont’ already have a bootable firewire drive,

Boot computer with Mac OS X install DVD and install onto external hard drive
Re-boot computer from external hard drive
Do necessary “personalization” setup for Mac OS X

then on to DS..

Install DeployStudio Server on external hard drive
Go into System Preferences and turn DeployStudio Server On
(this will give the server address – which you can change to – for simplicity and in case IP Address changes)

If anyone has suggestions, feel free…