Importing Users into Tiger Server (OS X 10.4)

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Populate a spreadsheet using the following fields: Full Lastname (field:A1), Firstname (B1), DOB (C1), Grade (D1). Add additional columns for Teacher Name (E1), LastName-clean (F1), Grad Year(currently unused, G1), Shortname (H1), School Year (I1), Sequential UID# (J1), Unique(final) UserID# (K1).

Be sure to clean it up by removing spaces, apostrophes, hyphens, etc if you don’t use a self cleaning formula.

Cell# – Description

  • F2 – (maybe create a self cleaning name from A2)
  • H2 – =F2&B2
  • J2 – after all student data is entered, sort by grade then simply sequentally number them using three digits (ie: 001, 002)
  • K2 – =$I2&”0″&$D2&$J2

Name the tab SeedData.
Create a new tab called Data to Export.

For Reference:
Column – DataField

  • A=unused but must exist.
  • B=shortname:ID
  • C=Realname(first.last)
  • D=password(aka DOB in this spreadsheet)
  • E=homedir
  • F= AFP homdir
  • G=PasswordType
  • H=TeacherName
  • I=password specs (force change password on 1st login and do not allow further password changes)


  • B1 =SeedData!H2&”:”&SeedData!K2
  • C1 =SeedData!B2&”.”&SeedData!A2
  • D1 =SeedData!C2
  • E1 =”/Network/Servers/”&SeedData!D2&”th/”&SeedData!H2
  • F1 =”<home_dir><url>afp\://</url><path>”&SeedData!D2&”th/”&SeedData!H2&”</path></home_dir>”
  • G1 – Standard text: dsAuthMethodStandard\:dsAuthClearText
  • H1 =SeedData!E2
  • I1 – standard text (forces user to create a new password on login and disallows changing password later on): newPasswordRequired=1:canModifyPasswordforSelf=0

Example data after formula:

  • C1: first.last
  • E1:for a 6th grade student named first last- /Network/Servers/
  • F1: <home_dir><url>afp\://</url><path>6th/smithshane</path></home_dir>

When you’re done save/export as a CSV (windows), not as a CSV (comma delimited). This is needed to format the file with unix line feeds as opposed to adding a carriage return also like windows prefers. To make sure you using LF only, you could always open up the file in a text editor such as Notepad++ and tell it to re-save in unix format.

Open Workgroup Manager and Connect to your server using the directory admin user.

  • Select “Import” from the “Server” menu.
  • Select the csv file that we saved above.
  • Select “Ignore new record” from the “Duplicate Handling:” dropdown menu. If you want to replace existing records, delete them before importing.
  • Leave the other drop downs at “None” unless you have a preset that you want to use for all of the new users.
  • Leave the ID boxes blank, and click “Import”.

A new window should pop up asking you to enter Record Type, Special Characters, and Field Mappings.

Users will be the record type.
Special Characters:

  • Record delimiter: 0x0A – Newline
  • Attribute delimiter: 0x2C – ,
  • Attribute value delimiter: 0x3A – :
  • Escape character: 0x5C – \

Field Mappings:
(screenshot later)

Everything but the AuthMethod is selectable from the drop down menu. To get to the AuthMethod, select “Other” from the drop down menu and then select
AuthMethod from the secondary menu.